Weddding date: 1/1/2020

These Two Clowns have been in The Closet longer than Lauren KavaNaugh

What can you say that hasn't been licked, spit, drank, farted, crapped, juiced, penetrated, pissed on, shit on, waxed on touped and wife beaten, sucked that hasn't been defiled by this Hillbilly - Stockbroker Ambiguously Gay Duo.  When you have tasted your friends cock n balls, yes, dude, you are gay. 

Howard Stern Shows Impossible Without These Two

No one on Earth would be up to the task(s) that Richard and Sal have VOLUNTARILY submitted to in the name of Entertainment. Will they finally be happy, leave their wives, and build a cabin on Brokeback mountain to live out their old gay days?" I wish I could quit you Richard"- "You're the reason I'm no one, no where, nobody

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